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Why choose us?

History We have a long history, quality assurance. Flying Wheel company was founded in 1929, we have been committed to the development and production of sewing thread more than 80 years. Now we are part of Shanghai Shenda Textile's shares (the Shanghai Stock Exchange stock code: 600626).
Quality After 80 years of technology accumulation and absorption of international brands of experience, we start from the raw material checks, strict intermediate production chain, from the tight rear channel testing, the implementation of individual accountability. Sewing knot less evenness, oiling rate enough to allow high-speed line pin smoother. We offer you to provide perfect quality sewing thread
Honours "Flying Wheel" brand polyester sewing thread has won the National Silver Medal, for five consecutive years was named the Shanghai quality export commodities, since 1996 was recommended as consecutive Shanghai Famous Brand. Our company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, product by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified a class of international ecological textile (infant level), the company also was hired in 2008 as the National Standardization Technical Committee of home textiles line with the Technical Committee (SAC / TC302/SC2) members, is a national industry-standard drafting unit and Shanghai Textile Industry Authority and other departments jointly validated and revised a number of national industry standards.
Stock Full colors, we provides color swatch more than 1000 colors, 40S / 2 3000M All our warehouse stocking, once colors on color swatch, we can shipped the same day urgently your needs.
Product Spun polyester sewing thread, polyester high tenacity filament sewing thread, polyester textured yarn, cored spun sewing thread, cotton sewing thread, nylon stretch yarn, nylon filament thread, metallic embroidery thread, polyester staple fiber sewing thread, embroidery thread and so on for whole types of sewing thread.
Professional We have a lot of people specialized in the research work, but also to comprehend most relevant to our industry, clothing, dyeing and sewing equipment those three areas of our business through industry conferences, we can better understand, update industry knowledge, understanding the latest technology to ensure that our products continue to meet customer’s needs, and constantly deliver new value
Color we can take samples within 48 hours after we confirm to your color. Advanced color matching system to ensure sample and custom-like consistency between batches can be sure about the color reproducibility, thus ensuring for you to provide color consistency.
Service The service as part of product quality. We have extensive experience in sewing technology, our technical service team can provide very professional sewing knowledge. We provide expert guidance each product, so we not only provide high quality sewing thread products, but also provide you color matching, winding, and other high quality services.