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1929 Early 20th century, the British chain brand wooden bobbins sold into Shanghai market. 1912, Shanghai Cheng Feng Thread plant was first used scrims imitation wood yarn. Till 1919, there are six thread and tape factories inability to compete with foreign goods and died. In 1929, Mr. Luo Liqun holding "Saving the country, revitalizing local" desire, in Shanghai Yanhai Road(now South Henan Road) sole founder China Fei Lun  Factory,financed silver 2000 tael to produce flywheel brand wooden bobbins.
1933 1930s, the "flywheel" brand, "sailboat" brand as the representative of domestic wodden bobbins, after continuously improve product quality and comprehensive outreach and trademarks, to get on the market foothold. several times to start fighting with British business counterparts in our market.
1937 Incident of August.13,1937, boycott of foreign goods, thread and tape industry developed,domestic products instead of foreign goods selling in the country. After the victory in 1945, the industry produced rapid recovery, production and sales, the new factory start-up, expansion the production scale. China Fei Lun factory built a new factory in No. 810 Xie Tu Road,with 105 wooden bobbins machine and 674 twist line, one thousand employees, to produce wooden bobbins 20,000 grosses, scale ranks first in the country.
1947 In order to compete with British chain brand company to gain the entire line of the Chinese market, in August 1947, China  Fei Lun thread factory founded Large Corporation. 1948 the exporting of "Flying Wheel" brand wooden bobbins has accounted for 70% of total production plant. At that time China Fei Lun Thread Co., Ltd. has become China and the Far East manufacturing line equipment newest and largest-line plant, "Flying Wheel" trademark has become a best national reputation wooden bobbins trademark.
1956 January 20, 1956, the whole industry implement socialist transformation, private public-private partnerships,there were 55 thread factory,351 weaving rope factory . After the reorganization, Huaguang factory, JiuFeng wood core factory, Dingxin thread factory ect. Total 11 facotries were incorporated into China Fei Lun Thread Factory. Shanghai become the country's major product lines with production and export base.
1976 In 1976, China Fei Lun Factory successfully developed high-strength, abrasion-resistant polyester pagoda sewing thread.1979, catch up with the international advanced level, improve product quality, the line branches uniform, bright color, elastic moderate, can be high sewn. In 1981, profit 13.99 million yuan, taxes 4,698,000 yuan, reaching the highest level. In 1985, the introduction of high temperature high pressure dyeing pot, pagoda winding machine, high-speed precision winder. In 1988, the pagoda was built 3070 square meters of workshop building polyester, production of wood bobbins 13200000 pcs. In 1992, 1,100 employees, industrial output value of 79.03 million yuan.
1984 1984 Flying Wheel brand polyester pagoda has won the national silver medal, after five consecutive years was named the Shanghai quality export commodities, since 1996, was recommended as Shanghai Famous Brand consecutive Flying Wheel brand sewing thread are exported to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia countries and regions, renowned Chinese and foreign users.
1985 In the 1980s, the garment industry in the southeast coastal areas of Fujian has developed rapidly, subject to the prevailing circumstances, all kinds of clothing related surface materials in short supply. 1985, Flying Wheel brand sewing thread developed into the Fujian market, corporated offices in Shishi City,which is called “overwhelming thousands of garments, business is in every street". Flying Wheel brand sewing thread once occupied more than 80% of its market, made tremendous contributions to the development of Fujian's garment
1996 1996, implemented state-owned enterprise reform, strengthening inter-enterprise integration and optimal allocation of resources, China Fei Lun Thread factory was placed under Shenda Group, so that the company has added new vitality. Meanwhile Flying Wheel brand the raw thread were completely provided by Shanghai seventh cotton factory,which is most powerful cotton provider (also affiliated Shenda Group), which make products even more powerful, more perfect.
1997 In order to better serve the South China garment industry chain, to enhance its own competitiveness,in 1996 China Fei Lun Thread factory invested Shishi Fei Lun Thread Joint Venture Factory in Shishi City,Fujian Province, in the region became the only one qualified, large scale, professional production of regular sewing thread manufacturers. After several years of careful development and resource integration, the company restructured in 2004, Shishi Flying Wheel Thread Co.,Ltd.
2008 After more than a decade of concentrated operations,Shishi Flying Wheel Thread Co., Ltd. was hired in 2008 as the National Household Textile standard Technical Committee(SAC/TC302/SC2) members, and the Shanghai Textile Industry Authority and other departments jointly validated and revised a number of national industry standards.
In today's global integration, flywheel company grow together with customers. As a professional manufacturer of sewing thread, our dedication, striving to global apparel and related industry value chain backbone.